Model United Nations is an experience that is valuable to anyone who participates in it. Northwest Model United Nations is committed to ensuring that anyone can participate in Model United Nations, regardless of socioeconomic status. Whether students or teams are from low-income areas, are not funded by their college or university, or just need a little extra help this year to ensure they can attend, NWMUN is committed to doing what we can to make this opportunity possible for anyone.

In order to receive any of the discounts or scholarships mentioned below, please first fill out the registration request form and pay the initial registration fee. Then submit the applications linked to below (if applicable), and we will respond to confirm the application, and later, to inform applicants of the result of their application.

New Northwest Team Discount (for delegations)

Eligibility: If your team is attending NWMUN-Seattle for the first time, and is based in the Pacific Northwest, your delegation will receive this discount.

("The Pacific Northwest," for purposes of this discount, means if the campus is located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana, or Southern British Columbia.)

Discount: New teams are entitled to $5 off of delegate fees for each participant they bring.

(This discount will be applied to the delegate fees invoice.)

How To Get This Discount: Simply let us know in your Delegation Request Form that your team is new to NWMUN-Seattle and we'll apply this discount to your delegate fees!

A-10 Individual Award (scholarship for individual delegates only)

Eligibility: Any individual attending NWMUN-Seattle, as part of a team or as an individual delegate, may apply for this scholarship. Five awards are given per year.

Scholarship: Award recipients will receive up to $100 towards their costs of attendance.

(This award will be disbursed as follows: First, the delegate fee will be paid. Second, one quarter of the cost of a hotel room-night will be paid for each night the individual is staying at the conference venue, if applicable. Any remaining portion of the award will be given as a check to the recipient for use on travel or other costs.)

Applications closed on November 1.

Northwest Team Award (scholarship for delegations only)

Eligibility: Delegations of 8 or more delegates which are based in the Pacific Northwest may apply for this scholarship. Two to three awards are given per year, and delegations may not apply if they won this award the previous time they attended NWMUN-Seattle.

Scholarship: Award recipients will receive up to $300 towards their costs of attendance.

(This award will be applied as a discount to the delegate fees invoice.)

Applications closed on November 1.